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Who We Are

Thrivner Inc. is a women-owned science policy consulting firm.

We work with leaders to develop bold initiatives tackling a range of challenges.

What We Do

Science Policy For Positive Outcomes


At Thrivner, we use our years of science, technology, and research experience to help our customers.

What outcomes do you want to see in the world?


We transfer knowledge and ideas via facilitation and data visualizations

We lead strategic planning initiatives

We facilitate, mediate, and implement strategies based on structured methodologies, best practices, research, and foresight

We implement solutions consistent with organizational commitments and funding constraints

We leverage experience with science, strategy, and policy development in the academic, non-profit, and government sectors to provide support in conducting program development, strategic planning, and agile implementation

We serve academic, industry, and government customers by co-developing solutions to hard problems at the nexus of science and technology, and policy

We provide strategic planning and implementation as well as expert facilitation and coordination

Who We Work With







How We Do It

Thrivner solves problems that are hard today and impossible tomorrow. We think, convene, innovate, evaluate, communicate, and serve until everyone thrives.

We Think

We are always thinking.
Informed, strategic, and creative, our answers are always tailored to the questions and the outcomes.

We Think Ahead | Keep/Remove?

We think strategically and we incorporate foresight.
We also anticipate needs and fulfill them proactively.

We Innovate

Designed and implemented approaches and processes are modular, adaptable, and useful for our clients, even over time.

We Convene

Facilitated, moderated, and mediated, we aim for our conversations – virtually or in-person – to be thorough, efficient, and effective.

We Evaluate

Consistently reconsidering the initial questions and outcomes helps us identify and analyze any gaps.

We Communicate

Consistent, reliable, and thoughtful, our communication is always courteous and timely.

We Serve | Keep/Remove?

We are privileged and honored to serve our clients.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“A successful event requires professional skill and meticulous attention to detail. [Thrivner is] the consummate professional organizers: They anticipate and complete each and every detail, even those that you were unaware needed to be done!

“They are more than organizers; they understand the content and political context of these meetings and are able to provide guidance and details to enhance your event’s success.”

Assistant Director for Environment (Retired)

Office of Science and Technology

White House

“The best part of working with [Thrivner] was knowing that everything was handled in the context of our long-term objectives.

“I was only willing to lead events that made a difference and that requires an unusual balance of programmatic and logistical support that is both tactical and strategic.”


Senior Advisor

National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

How We Are Different

We view our customers as complete individuals with both professional and personal interests and aspirations.

We genuinely care about both aspects of our customers’ lives.



We view our customers as complete individuals with both professional and personal interests and aspirations.

We genuinely care about both aspects of our customers’ lives.




We believe that a holistic understanding enhances our ability to help create a world in which customers – and their organizations – thrive.




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